Frequently Asked Questions

Surface, Backing and Project Compatibility

What surfaces can LokDots adhere to?

LokDots will adhere to any smooth, dust-free surface. This includes, but is not limited to, these ideal surfaces:

Existing pressure sensitive adhesive
Concrete subfloors
Access floors
Primed Plywood
Primed Particle Board
VCT (waxed does not have to be removed)
VAT (waxed does not have to be removed)
Primed Advantech
Primed MDF
Primed OSB
Contact Shaw Product Support for more details at 1.800.471.7429

What surfaces are not recommended for LokDots?

Existing carpet and unprimed gypcrete are not recommended for LokDots application
Chemical Abated Floors
Contact Shaw Product Support for more details at 1.800.471.7429

Can LokDots be used in selective tile replacement on top of a pressure sensitive adhesive application?

Yes; existing pressure sensitive adhesive is a suitable surface for LokDots application

What backing is recommended for LokDots?

LokDots are approved for use with tiles containing EcoWorx and EcoWorx PX backings

What backing is not recommended for LokDots?

LokDots are not approved for use with EcoLogix backing and are not warranted with PVC-based tiles or tiles containing a plasticizer

When will LokDots allow for a faster installation than pressure sensitive adhesive?

Occupied replacement and lift system installations – LokDots do not require clearing of the installation space, do not cause an offensive odor and allow the ability to install 24/7

High moisture subfloors – sealers and/or other floor preparation are not required when using LokDots

Small spaces – LokDots eliminate the wait time for adhesive to set up or tack

Installation and Removal

Can LokDots be installed on top of dusty floors?

No; surfaces should be swept and dust and debris removed before an installation using LokDots

Wet mopping may also be required in cases with extreme dirt, dust and/or debris

How long does it take to install carpet tile with LokDots compared to pressure sensitive adhesive?

LokDots install in the same amount of time as pressure sensitive adhesive and, in certain circumstances, will allow for a faster installation

What is the spread rate for LokDots?

A minimum of 15 LokDots should be used for each tile, however most installations will average approximately 22 dots per tile due to cut-ins and small pieces

One sleeve (8 rolls) of LokDots will install approximately 250 square yards of tile

How do you remove LokDots from the face of the carpet?

LokDots can be removed by any of the following methods:

Another LokDot used to remove the existing LokDot
Solvent cleaner (Goof-Off® or similar products)

How do I remove any remaining LokDots from the subfloor after the carpet tile has been removed?

LokDots are designed to come up with the EcoWorx or EcoWorx PX backing when the tile is removed

If a LokDot adheres to a subfloor surface, it can easily be removed using another LokDot, alcohol or a household cleaner

Storage and Product Information

Do LokDots have a shelf life?

LokDots have an unlimited shelf life, unlike the 1-2 year shelf life of wet adhesives

What are the temperature guidelines for storage and installation?

LokDots should not exceed a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit

Exposure above this temperature will leave the LokDots unusable

LokDots do not have a minimum exposure level, allowing them to freeze and thaw an unlimited amount of times without affecting functionality

LokDots and EcoWorx or EcoWorx PX carpet tiles must acclimate to a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer for at least 24 hours prior to installation

Without proper acclimation of either the LokDots or the tile, the LokDots may not remove properly from the liner during installation

How do LokDots ship?

LokDots are shipped in a two-sleeve box or a twelve-sleeve case, depending on the size of the order, and applicators are shipped in a box that can hold up to two applicators

LokDots and LokDots applicators can be shipped along with an EcoWorx or EcoWorx PX tile order or separately via UPS

Performance and Maintenance

Will hot water extraction affect LokDots adhesion?

No; water used for cleaning purposes such as hot water extraction will not affect the adhesion of LokDots

Standard cleaning and maintenance instructions for EcoWorx or EcoWorx PX tile order rhinocort

Do LokDots perform as well as pressure sensitive adhesive?

LokDots outperform traditional pressure sensitive adhesive in both sheer and peel strength

Adhesive strength is measured in two ways;
sheer (or shifting) strength and peel (or removal) strength:

LokDots sheer strength measures at 29.234 lbs./in.
compared to pressure sensitive adhesive at 20.573 lbs./in.

LokDots peel strength measures at 1.627 lbs./ft.
compared to pressure sensitive adhesive at 1.602 lbs./ft.


Do LokDots contribute to LEED certification?

LokDots can contribute to a LEED certification in three ways:

Reduction of material
Low-VOC material
Innovation in design credit

Can you recycle EcoWorx when using LokDots?

Yes; EcoWorx is still recyclable when using LokDots

When used with EcoWorx tile, LokDots are the only cradle-to-cradle
installation system

Can you recycle the release liner?

No; the release liner is not recyclable


Where can I find installation instructions, warranty information,
and material safety data sheets (MSDS)?

LokDots resources are available in pdf format in the
links below or by contacting your sales representative

installation information
warranty information
material safety data sheets

Is there a replacement part for the timing belt in the applicator?

Yes; please call 1-800-471-7429 for replacement parts

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